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Serverless clusters and HashiCorp’s Terraform on AWS

Create an aws eks with fargate cluster and managed node group using terraform (IAC)
Image credit: Harshet Jain

Let’s discuss a great setup — creating a Kubernetes cluster on the top of AWS using the service EKS. We’re also adding the Fargate (serverless) cluster. That’s a complete solution for all of the problems we faced in my last setup. We’ll create the whole structure using Terraform. So in the end, we’ll only need to run one command to create and destroy the entire infrastructure.

There are some prerequisites before proceeding further:

  1. Know about basic Terraform.
  2. Know the basic terminology of EKS and the Fargate cluster
  3. Be familiar with Kubernetes


We built a highly managed, autoscaled, and autodeployed web…

AWS setup using Terraform (infrastructure as code)
Whole Setup

Hola everyone,

Today I want to show you a cool setup where I create a whole infrastructure in just a command on AWS. For create this overall structure, I use a tool Terraform. Don’t worry if you are not aware of this tool. I will give you an overview of this below. In this setup, I design and also manage the code in such a way so we can initially build the testing structure as an examination basis to check everything is working fine or not. After done this, the same code we can use for production. …

CI/CD Pipeline of Jenkins Using Groovy Language With Monitoring on the Top of Kubernetes
End-To-End Automation

Hola everyone,

Today, I have a great setup of Automation for you. From the Last couple of weeks, I am showing you some great setups of Kubernetes and Jenkins. But maybe you have not seen my all this setup till yet as because I uploaded on different platforms. But don’t worry I will guide you. Today, I Integrate all of my previous setups and create an advanced CI/CD setup. If I give you high-level-idea so we are going to integrate Git, GitHub, Docker, Advance Jenkins (Job-DSL) , Kubernetes, Prometheus and Grafana.

Before, I give you today’s agenda. I want to…

Fault tolerance setup ready

Hola everyone,

Today, I would like to show you some great monitoring tools Prometheus and Grafana. As when I talk about the DevOps world these two tools are very important for that because monitoring is also important for the DevOps world. Monitoring helps us to see the faults, time latencies, Centralised control, Data visualisation and many more…

Before, I give you today’s agenda. I want to tell you something about Prometheus and Grafana.

CI/CD Automation on Jenkins Using Ansible

Hey everyone,

Today I want to show you a CI/CD automation of Jenkins through Ansible. This is a fully Automated system from just after uploading the code to GitHub to ready the web-server but behind the scene, there is a lot of things. I want to show you all the process which I do to set up this Automated system.

You Know about GitHub, Jenkins, Docker as I talk about this so many times. But, what is Ansible ?

Harshet Jain

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